Apostolic Assembly


July 17th: Cell group at Ponto 6:45pm

July 19th: Volleyball practice at Sunset park 4pm

July 24th: Camp Rally #3 of National City. Deadline for Camp.

July 25th: Dorcas:Knotts Berry Farm

July 26th: United Service/ Local Volleyball Tournament. Sunset Park 4:30pm

July 31st: Praying Mothers @7pm

August 9th: Pastors Day

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Last updated:July 13, 2015



Nuestra Misión es traer personas a Jesús para que El los haga miembros de su iglesia, desarrollándolos hacia la madurez para el servicio en Su reino; y todo lo que hagamos glorifique el nombre de Dios.

Our Mission is to bring people to Jesus so He can make them members of His church, nurturing to maturity for the service of His kingdom; and in all that we do glorify the name of God.


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